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Let’s be real, who’s going to read this? – Matthew Mullin’s famous last words

About Me

Hi, I’m Matt. I’m a grad student, mechanical engineer, YouTuber, maker, inventor, and self-proclaimed Pirate 🏴‍☠️ (left the last one off my resume).

The purpose of this website is to share my free energy anti-entropy tesla turbine design before the energy companies suppress it (that was a joke).

In all seriousness, I made this website because over the years, I’ve worked on a few projects and also mulled over many ideas from new types of renewable energy systems to beam-powered propulsion vehicles to low-cost cryocoolers. I want to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated with others to save them some time and the pitfalls I’ve found myself in. I’d also like to explore open-sourcing some of my invention ideas just to see what happens.

Contact Me

comments@whitehouse.gov or leave a comment on one of my articles requesting a real contact form.

Additional Info

Here's some more info about me for those with abundant freetime and/or if you're running out of effective treatments for insomnia:

(warning: all meta-data from this website is faxxed to your employer via a team of highly confused and poorly coordinated clowns)

If you are a friend or family member or aquaintance or future or past employer, you are contracturally forbidden from reading the following information. Proceed, and I will see you in court. Please refer to this article if you’re confused by any of the legal text on this page.

Who am I?

Throughout history, people have identified themselves from where they’re from (I’m from Earth, btw). In whatever year this is, people tend to describe themselves using singular words or phrases that signal an identity, I’ll leave you with these words instead:

  • I once memorized 251 digits of pi. That was a complete waste of time, but I did get $20 from it.
  • I quit my YouTube Channel when I was around 16. Every winter, summer, and weekend, I have vowed to start posting videos again. Hopefully within the next decade, I’ll get the motivation.
  • For legal reasons, I can’t confirm that this is my work, but here’s a fan fiction about Vladimir Putin
  • My GPA in high school was an unweighted 98.5, and my GPA in college was a 3.96/4.0. But none of that matters because I can never finish a project.
  • I won a $30,000 grant and first place in a business competition. However, as of the time of writing this, I have never even sold a newspaper (see above bullet point).
  • I have 2 provisional patents so far. You could too if you have $70 and the ability to produce a word document.
  • A dream of mine is to build a self-sustaining ship in international waters and create my own micronation. But I’m about 1000 miles from the ocean right now and I forgot the password to my multi-billy crypto key, so that poses a slight issue.

What Ideas do I have?

They’re mostly in the area of physics and engineering, but I do have some ideas/inventions in biology, psychology, business, and debate. Some broad categories are:

  • propulsion (specifically beamed powered propulsion)
  • energy generation and storage (similar to HighView Power)
  • carbon capture
  • aerospace (ground effect vehicles, high altitude balloons, etc.)
  • ergonomics/productivity (standing desks, biosensors, etc.)
  • SLA-like 3D printers (for printing metal and other substances).
  • lots of stuff with ferrofluid
  • lots of opinions on how high school and college education should be conducted

What are my values?

Read this if you want to cringe and haven’t already:

While in high school, I may have been described as an anarcho-syndicalist with anti-consumerist tendancies; now, my general life philosophy and guiding principles can be broadly described as:

  • touch grass
  • walk outside
  • look at a mountain
  • respecting people with differing values and decoding the air they vibrate within my vicinity
  • open to sharing almost all information freely (possibly with royalties/licenses for business); however, I do understand why posting DIY thermonuclear fusion tutorials on YouTube could be problematic.
  • listening to the Andrew Huberman podcast
  • generally against certain business practices that involve the generation of single-use containers, planned obsolescence, fighting the right to repair, dehumanization (think about the supply chain of your phone), etc.
    • but I see the introduction of more conscientious (and well-marketed) businesses as the only practical solution
  • only buying one brand of socks so you don’t have to sort your socks
  • life isn’t a zero sum game:
    • humans are able to turn resources into objects of higher value
    • but we do live in a world of finite resources (natural, economic, and human).
    • Therefore, the best position is probably to avoid excess luxury (no yachts, which is a shame because I was going to buy one with my massive grad student stipend).
  • using fancy words and being a moral elitist.
  • getting very educated and lacking any real business experience, while claiming to value the opposite