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Install Raypier (Draft)

  1. download/install miniconda or anaconda
  2. download code as zip and extract Raypier: https://github.com/bryancole/raypier_optics
  3. drag it to wherever you want it, in my case I put it in my documents/python scripts/ folder
  4. watch this video to understand python environments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIB7IZFCE_k
  5. open up anaconda prompt and type in: conda create -n test
    • to activate your anaconda environment: conda activate test
    • to deactivate: conda deactivate
    • to list the packages in an environment: conda list
  6. to remove a package in an environment: conda remove nameOfPackage
  7. whenever, you’re in an environment, you can download/delete packages without affecting other virtual environments. This prevents library conflicts when working on various projects
  8. To find your environments folder, type: conda env list
  9. find the environment file in the raypier folder, in my case the path was: C:\Users\Matth\Documents\Python Scripts\raypier_optics-master\environment.yaml
  10. On your anaconda prompt type in:
    conda env create -f C:\Users\Matth\Documents\Python Scripts\raypier_optics-master\environment.yaml
  11. navigate to your env folder and drop in
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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